Notice to Customers

We're taking a break.

Deathbed Edition is a small, bootstrapped company that relies heavily on family finances and demands a lot of attention that must be balanced with other family responsibilities. 

Life can get pretty complicated at times and in those times of complication, we realize that sometimes the right thing to do is to focus on the more important necessities while letting others idle for at least a little while. 

We're looking forward to a return to business in 2018 and we are anticipating an even more successful relaunch (so to speak) of Deathbed Edition. 

In the meantime, please subscribe to our newsletter (click "Join Us" above) to remain up to date with the latest news of our return.

During our hiatus, as a thank you to our customers, fans and friends for all of your continued support, subscribers to our newsletter can always send a self addressed stamped envelope to 650 S. Greenwood Ave #4085, Easton PA 18045 and we'll stuff that envelope with stickers and send it right back. 

Thank you all for your support.

We'll see you again, soon.